Monday, April 22, 2013

It's about time!

....I have neglected my blog (and most home projects) for the past six months!!   I have good news and bad news.  The good news?!?!  I have completed some projects around the house!  Yay!!!  The bad news......I've had so much spare time to complete these projects because I was laid off from work almost two months ago (wow time flies when you're having fun).

My house was  also in danger of burning down over the Easter weekend, no I didn't drink too much and get carried away!  There was a wild fire, and it surrounded my house.

Standing near my garage.

At the end of my driveway (the red mailbox is mine). 
This is when we were being evacuated.

The last look before we left our street.

The backyard after we were allowed to come back.  See the fireman
way back there behind the swing set?  The grass was still on fire under the
slide.  The firefighters were AMAZING!!!


And here is a sneak peak of one of the home projects I've been working on.....
I will post before and after pictures once complete (don't worry, I'm almost done).